How to get to Bequia

How to get to Bequia How to get to Bequia How to get to Bequia

How to get to Bequia

Bequia is a laid-back, untouched paradise.  The real Caribbean.

And it's more accessible than you may think, with direct flights to the neighbouring island of St. Vincent from the UK, US, & Canada. 

There is also the option of taking the extra hop on a flight from the main tourist hubs of Barbados, St. Lucia, or Grenada, with a flight time of around 30 minutes.  This also opens up the possibility of a twin-centre Caribbean vacation.

This short journey will take you away from big-scale resorts, shopping malls, noisy traffic & beaches full of an island of natural splendour with friendly & welcoming people, swaying palms, idyllic beaches, lush green hillsides and a simple, unhurried lifestyle.

St. Vincent, Barbados or St. Lucia to Bequia – the options

1.  Fly direct from the UK, US or Canada into St.Vincent.  Then take the 1 hour ferry crossing into beautiful Bequia.  Simple!

2.  Fly direct from Barbados or St. Lucia to Bequia with SVG Air or Mustique Airways (same day connections available, so you can get all your travelling done in one go). The flight takes just 30 minutes if direct or up to an hour if the pilot does some island hopping on route. But fear not as a longer flight may be compensated by a spectacular birds-eye view of the Grenadines island chain including the idyllic Tobago Cays.  Worth the air fare alone!

3. Fly to St. Vincent with Virgin, LIAT, or Inter Caribbean from Barbados, Grenada, or St. Lucia in just 30 minutes, re-charge with an overnight stay and then catch the morning ferry into Bequia – a relaxed 1hr crossing. Get your camera ready for the arrival into Admiralty Bay! If you do choose to stay overnight in St. Vincent before heading over to Bequia, then please do not hesitate to ask us about our St Vincent accommodation recommendations.

The tourism website link provides all the up to date & comprehensive information you will need to plan your path to Bequia.

Direct flights from the UK

    • IN ADDITION, INTER-ISLAND VIRGIN FLIGHTS WILL OPERATE FROM BARBADOS TO GRENADA TO ST.VINCENT FROM JUNE 14TH 2023 - this opens up the possibility for twin or even triple centre holidays!
  • Norse Atlantic Airlines.  New for 2023.  From 29th October DAILY  from London Gatwick to Barbados.
  • British Airways Gatwick & Heathrow – Barbados daily
  • Virgin Atlantic Heathrow – Barbados daily
  • Aer Lingus Manchester - Barbados.  Days vary.
  • Thomson Holidays Gatwick – Barbados. Days vary.

Direct flights from the US

  • NEW FOR 2024 - from December 7th, American Airlines New York (JFK) to St. Vincent once per week
  • NEW FOR 2024 - from December 7th, American Airlines Charlotte, North Carolina to St. Vincent once per week 
  • American Airlines Miami - St. Vincent.  3x per weekthen increasing to 6x weekly in Nov/Dec 2024
  • American Airlines Miami – Barbados daily
  • American Airlines Charlotte – Barbados
  • Jet Blue New York (JFK) – Barbados daily
  • NEW FOR 2024 - Jet Blue New York (JFK) - St. Vincent - flights starting early October (tickets on sale from May)
  • NEW FOR 2024 - United Airlines (from Newark) - timing & frequency tbc
  • Caribbean Airlines New York (JFK) – St. Vincent weekly (Wednesday)
  • Jet Blue Boston – Barbados
  • Jet Blue Fort Lauderdale – Barbados
  • Jet Blue Los Angeles – Barbados (Although not a direct flight, Los Angeles can connect with the Fort Lauderdale or New York flight to Barbados)
  • Delta Atlanta – Barbados weekly

Direct flights from Canada

  • Air Canada Toronto - St.Vincent 
    • 1x per week (Sundays) from 7th April to Oct 20th 2024 
    • 3x per week (Mon, Thurs, Fri) from Oct 28th 2024
  • Air Canada Toronto – Barbados daily
  • Air Canada Montreal – Barbados 3xpw Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. December to March only
  • West Jet Toronto – Barbados daily

Direct flights from Germany

  • Condor Frankfurt – Barbados weekly

Direct flights from South America

  • GOL Airways Sao Paulo – Barbados Saturdays only
  • Avianca Bogota – Barbados




1. Sit on the right-hand side of the plane on the SVG flight from Barbados to Bequia. If it’s going direct you will have the view of the entire island of Bequia as you arrive. If it has a stop at Union island on route then you will get an awesome view of the Tobago cays as well as other Grenadine islands like Mayreau & Canouan – an experience that is surely worth the air fare alone!

2. When opting for a same day connection to an SVG flight into Bequia, the process is really hassle-free. We recommend that you tie a yellow ribbon onto your luggage and take a photo before leaving home. On arrival at Barbados, you will feel very special indeed. An airport staff member will hold up a board with your name & take you through to a private area of the airport. Show them a picture of your luggage and they will personally take it from the international flight you have just disembarked from and place it on the SVG plane bound for Bequia. Then you will be escorted with all other passengers to the plane itself. You will feel like a rock star & it’s all part of the service!


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