Hiking in Bequia

Hiking in Bequia

Bequia is a stunningly beautiful island, with jaw-dropping scenery and unique charm.

We think the best way to truly understand its beauty is to slow down, take a stroll, a walk, a hike, and ramble off-road & out into the countryside. Let’s get off the beaten track together on this remote island in the Caribbean Sea!

The beach can wait until later, this is your chance to do something a little different and experience big rewards. An opportunity to learn, socialise, burn calories & earn those cocktails & ice creams! Bring your camera as the views we will show you are impressive & more than worth the effort.

Relaxed, informative, guided hiking tours for all ages & abilities to incredible destinations;

  • Peggy’s Rock (Ma Peggy)
  • Bullet Point (Bequia Head)
  • Spring Top Viewpoint
  • St. Hilaire Point
  • Hope & Ravine Bay

Contact Chris & Louise on +1 784 527 2377 or e-mail louise@thelookoutbequia.com.

Prices are very reasonable & vary according to group size. The rate will include water, snacks & a first drink at the bar as a reward!

Check out our YouTube videos here & and follow us on Facebook.

Chris & Louise - The Lookout

Contact Chris & Louise

Please explore our website, visit our social media pages & do not hesitate to drop us a line. We know for many this may be your first visit to this wonderful island, so lean on us for advice & assistance. It’s genuinely our pleasure to help and we welcome you as new members of The Lookout family.

UK : 07815 627 955

Bequia : +1-784-527-2377

Email : louise@thelookoutbequia.com

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