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Bequia:  The top 5 highlights – the “must-do” things to do!

Bequia: The top 5 highlights – the “must-do” things to do!


For an island of just 7 square miles, Bequia punches above her weight and offers visitors an almost overwhelming list of things to do.  As outlined in our last blog, there’s more than enough to stretch all the activities across multiple trips to this little rock in the Caribbean Sea.  It’s certainly possible to achieve most of it on a two-week vacation, but you’ll need to bolt on another fortnight to chill in a hammock on the beach just to recover.  Hmmm, not a bad idea actually!

The link to our last blog is here

Given the above introduction to this fun-filled island, we have chosen to focus here on a more achievable (and indeed essential) list of activities for your…

  • Author: The Lookout Bequia
  • Date: May 04, 2022
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Maximising your stay in paradise - a two week itinerary

Maximising your stay in paradise - a two week itinerary


So you think that there won’t be much to do on a tiny Caribbean island, besides swinging in a hammock with a good book?  Well, think again!

Bequia (pronounced Bek-way or better still Bek-wee) is the undiscovered paradise island of your dreams, the Caribbean of 30 years ago. It’s hard to believe that this almost-secret vacation spot exists in the modern world, but it does.

Although Bequia is the second largest of the 32 Grenadine islands, it is only 7 square miles in size. To put it into context, London’s Heathrow Airport is slightly bigger.

Isolated enough to remain relatively unspoiled, yet lively enough to be stimulating and entertaining, Bequia provides a blend of the old and new that many find…

  • Author: The Lookout Bequia
  • Date: March 12, 2022
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Hiking - Ma Peggy

Hiking - Ma Peggy

The land on which Ma Peggy is located is private and this includes the route to get there.  This must be respected.  Please do not tackle the climb before gaining authorisation from the land owners.  Chris & Louise can help with this and will guide any guests who stay at The Lookout - all part of the service!


For a start, it needs to be a little challenging (without being intimidating) and accessible to those who are at least of average mobility & fitness. It’s also nice if it feels “off the beaten track” and a real bonus if you don’t bump into another sole for the entire ramble. It’s…

  • Author: The Lookout Bequia
  • Date: February 12, 2022
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