NEW 2023 EDITION! Maximising your stay in paradise - a two week itinerary



So you think that there won’t be much to do on a tiny Caribbean island, besides swinging in a hammock with a good book?  Well, think again!

Bequia (pronounced Bek-way or better still Bek-wee) is the undiscovered paradise island of your dreams, the Caribbean of 30 years ago. It’s hard to believe that this almost-secret destination exists in the modern world, but it does.

Although Bequia is the second largest of the 32 Grenadine islands, it is only 7 square miles in size. To put it into context, London’s Heathrow Airport is slightly bigger.

Isolated enough to remain relatively unspoiled, yet lively enough to be stimulating and entertaining, Bequia provides a blend of the old and new that many find perfect. Be warned, many visitors are bitten by the Bequia bug and return time & time again!

In this blog, we will lay out an itinerary that will clearly demonstrate that even a two week trip to this small rock in the Caribbean Sea is nowhere near enough time to cover everything.  But hey, that just means you will have to come back.

Below is an example itinerary that you can chop & change at your leisure.  The main idea is that this will provide enough inspiration for you to come up with a plan that suits your own interests & mood and allows you to maximise your time on Bequia.


Day 1 Monday

It’s likely that you have travelled far & wide to get to this island paradise and you’ll be tired, so let’s ease you in gently. 

If you’re lucky enough to be staying with us at The Lookout, then you can have a nice & relaxed breakfast on your private deck, indulging in the items we have left in your complimentary welcome pack.  This includes freshly baked bread from Petra’s restaurant in Lower Bay, granola, Maranne’s yoghurt, tropical fruit from our garden, filter coffee, home-made banana bread, free range eggs, butter & jam. We do also supply free beer & wine too, but maybe save that until at least lunchtime! Enjoy the cool, morning breeze and soak up the jaw-dropping view of Admiralty Bay and the beaches down below.  Already, there’s nowhere else in the world you’d rather be than here right now.


With bellies full, it’s probably time to get yourself familiar with the lay of the land.  A good start is to stroll along the Belmont Walkway & Princess Margaret Trail.  Set up & maintained by “Action Bequia”, this path allows visitors and locals to go all the way from the end of Lower Bay beach to the island’s “capital” Port Elizabeth.  A series of wooden and concrete paths & steps link the sandy stretches of Lower Bay, Princess Margaret & Belmont, before you arrive at the bay side walkway.  This is lined with small hotels, dive operators, coffee shops, ice cream parlours, and restaurants.  Once past Laura’s restaurant at the end, you have arrived in Port Elizabeth where you can explore at your leisure. 


Although not vast, the few streets that make up this pretty harbour town provide visitors with everything they can possibly need during their stay on island – a bank, post office, pharmacy, several grocery stores, a hospital & clinic, the tourist office, and the one & only petrol station on island!

Soak up the rays and laze away the afternoon on either Princess Margaret or Lower Bay beaches, where the informal bars & restaurants can provide refreshments and sun loungers.

After sunset, freshen up at your apartment and head down to Fernando’s Hideaway for dinner.  It’s less of a “hideaway” since the sign was placed on the Lower Bay road junction.  However, it remains a lovely local eatery where you feel like you have entered Fernando’s house for a meal – which is essentially what you have done!  On certain days, there’s a set 3 course dinner with choices of starters & mains such as slow cooked lamb or freshly-caught, grilled snapper, all finished off with a tasty dessert like Guinness Cake with Maranne’s ice cream.  Yum!

Day 2 Tuesday

It’s time to make some plans.  Over a relaxed, waterside breakfast at the newly opened Sugar & Spice Café, make a call and book onto a boat trip down to the idyllic Tobago Cays for later in the week.  Recommended operators include the Friendship Rose, Gusto, or Michael’s Tours.  Now go and order a cinnamon roll to go with your coffee – it’s probably still warm, fresh out of the oven.  Don’t worry, there’s plenty of activities in this itinerary to ensure these calories will be burnt away in no time.


No time like the present, so let’s take a post-breakfast wander to a wonderful, breezy viewpoint on the opposite side of the bay.  Looking directly across from your breakfast spot, you can see the colourfully painted houses of Hamilton village.  To get here, simply follow the Belmont walkway into Port Elizabeth.  Go through the town and past the ferry dock and the petrol station on your left.  Keep walking on the one and only road that passes through Ocar into Hamilton, then it winds up the steep hill to the end of the road at Hamilton Fort.  Catch your breath and admire an incredible panoramic view stretching across from Port Elizabeth to the three west coast beaches and out to the Moonhole peninsula.  Obligatory photos straddling a cannon are next on the agenda.


You’ve earned a lazy afternoon grazing on small-plate, fusion cuisine and sipping a few cocktails – there’s no better place for this than “Provision” in Lower Bay.

Luckily the beach is just across the road from here for a post-lunch siesta on the sand or a swing in a hammock.  Make sure you rise from your slumber in time for (hopefully) a “green-flash” sunset.  These are common in Bequia, but the conditions must be just right.  If they are, then just as the sun sets into the Caribbean Sea you will witness a brief flash of green lasting no longer than 1 or 2 seconds, sometimes it lasts only a fraction of a second.  Here comes the science bit!  The Green flash occurs because the atmosphere causes the light from the sun to separate or refract into different frequencies.  

With over 30 restaurant options on Bequia, you are not going to sample them all during a 2 week stay.  So tonight may we suggest making a decision between a local favourite in Lower Bay, Petra’s, or an alternative option is to head to Princess Margaret beach to the popular and lively Jack’s Beach Bar.  Either way, you won’t be disappointed.


Day 3 Wednesday

You are probably living like a local by now and your days unfold in harmony with the sun.  Waking naturally around 6am as it rises from the east (no need for an alarm), then slowly winding down after sunset and having a reasonably early night.  However, for a supposedly sleepy island the opportunity for late night partying is always available and most welcome.  You’re on holiday - let your hair down, dance, smile, and be merry!

If you were good little boys & girls last night, then perhaps the perfect start to the day after sunrise is to join a Yoga session.  Patricia operates from the Lower Bay pavilion (diagonally opposite Keegan’s) and you can practice your downward dog, listening to the gently lapping waves from the beach across the road – pure bliss!  If you feel that your body is not quite ready to contort into various positions at this early hour, then take a stroll up & down the half mile stretch of sand at Lower Bay.  Collecting sea glass and shells is a popular pastime for many tourists. A morning swim in the Caribbean Sea is also one of the most invigorating ways to kick off the day.

Whatever activity you chose to do, you’ll be ready for a delicious breakfast at Dawn’s café, located at the southern end of the Lower Bay beach road.

You’ve been on this tiny island for a few days now, but you will realise that you have barely scratched the surface.  A tour aboard one of Bequia’s unique taxis will undoubtedly increase your knowledge and admiration for this island paradise.  Enjoy the cooling breeze and unobstructed views from the open sided pick-up taxis, with bench seating in the rear.  We recommend splitting a 3-4 hour island tour into two bite sized chunks.  For part one, ensure your friendly driver includes Spring top viewpoint & picnic spot, Mount Pleasant, Hamilton & Friendship.  Basically, cover the north & centre of the island and then in a few days you can tackle the southern half of Bequia.


For lunch, pick up a takeaway Roti from “Sweety Bird” or “Porthole”.  The Roti is a popular Caribbean street food.  It’s a flour pancake or wrap, similar to a tortilla, and is filled with various options including curried chicken, goat, shrimp, lobster, or vegetarian ingredients.  There are so many variations across the island, so why not set yourself a challenge to try as many as possible and rate each establishment during your stay.  The same can be done for all the different interpretations of rum punch – hic!

Post lunch, head out on a fishing trip and, if successful, you can BBQ your catch on the beach later.  Ask around for Fabio or Shoe Man who may be able to take you out around the bay and beyond.

If you’re not tucking into BBQ fish from your trip, then a great back-up option is dinner at Laura’s restaurant.  Carlos & Laura are open 6 nights a week in season, but Wednesday nights are particularly popular with a 3-course set menu and a mixed, lively crowd of tourists, yachties, locals, and foreign homeowners.  Arrive early to meet some new friends over pre-dinner drinks at the bar, before adjourning for waterside dining in a relaxed and intimate setting.

Day 4 Thursday

A “must-do” activity during any stay in the Grenadines is a trip to the idyllic Tobago Cays.  This is possible on a day trip from Bequia.  It’s a long day that starts not long after sunrise and you’ll arrive back before the sun sets into the Caribbean Sea.

The idyllic Tobago Cays are part of a national marine park, consisting of five uninhabited cays, the island of Mayreau (population 270), and three islets. There is a four-kilometre long reef that encloses four of the cays, namely Petit Bateau, Petit Rameau, Baradal, and Jamesby.  The fifth cay, Petit Tabac, was featured in one of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies and is situated just outside the reef to the east.

Here's a beautiful 1 minute video showcasing the idyllic Tobago Cays


You will see that as you progress south on your boat trip, past the billionaires paradise of Canouan island, the sand becomes blindingly white, with a talcum powder consistency.  Every boat trip will involve snorkelling and swimming with turtles which is always a pleasure.  Our advice is to try and pick a boat trip that also incorporates a lunch stop and swimming at Saltwhistle Bay on Mayreau island.  You couldn’t wish for a more picture postcard setting as you tuck into freshly grilled lobster at a beachside restaurant and bathe in the clear, warm water.  The pictures you snap and share will make your friends & family green with envy – you’ve arrived at a quintessential paradise island.


On your sunset return to Bequia, you will be tired but push on through and spend the evening at the legendary Frangipani restaurant.  The Thursday night “jump up” includes steel pan music under the stars and there’s a sandy dancefloor next to the bar where you can wiggle your hips and embarrass yourself!


Day 5 Friday

Start today with a hearty breakfast at Maria’s Cafe.  It’s a lovely place to view the comings & goings of front street in Port Elizabeth.  People watching over a full English and a freshly brewed coffee – lovely.


Now it’s time for some island history and culture, so next on the agenda is the recently extended & refurbished Bequia Heritage Museum in Friendship.  Bequia’s history is bound inextricably to the sea.  Much of the recent work has been undertaken by Nichola Redway, who is meticulous in what she does.  There is a room with two big TV screens where you can get a presentation on the history and there are also wonderful old maps and photos from days gone by.  The old boats on display are the highlight.  It’s currently only open Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays between 10am & 1pm, but special visits can be arranged outside of these times.


As you look down to Friendship Bay from the museum you can see the green pasture at St. Hilaire point to your left.  As you are already visiting this part of the island, we’d recommend that you take a hike around this gloriously, uninhabited section.  Follow the road down from the museum and scramble across the green grass.  Go up & over the hill beyond the half-finished brick building.  Now find a perch on the rocks on the far side.  You can enjoy the welcome breeze, a view across to Mustique, and the waves from the Atlantic Ocean crashing against the rocks below you. 

Jack's is the place to be on Princess Margaret Beach


It's Friday afternoon and you’re in paradise, so let’s dedicate the rest of today to pure indulgence.  May we suggest a beachside table for lunch at Jack’s bar.  Soak up the views as you enjoy a PM burger and a pina colada.  Look across the sea, just to the right of the dock out front.  You can see Bar One – Bequia’s floating bar.  Simply give them a call and they will send over a water taxi to pick you up from outside Jack’s.  It’s possible to swim there, but getting back may be more of a challenge after sampling the unique, but lethal cocktails on board!  Hang around until sunset as this location offers one of the best vantage points for a “green flash”.


You can go back to your accommodation and freshen up or get a water taxi direct across to the Open Deck restaurant.  The young Swedish chefs offer a variety of tasty food & cool drinks - it's a lovely setting, with an alternative view from the other side of the bay.  From here, it’s only a few minutes' walk to "Coco’s".  As Friday evening progresses, this bar/restaurant gets busier & busier and the live music creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Still not had enough?!  Ok, wander back towards Port Elizabeth and stop off at Bequia’s answer to a nightclub – the Penthouse Bar.  This small shack, with its booming sound system, offers a real street party vibe and the shenanigans can go on until sunrise.  

Day 6 Saturday

The antidote to last night’s over excesses is a lazy breakfast at the lovely Plantation House Hotel on the Belmont Walkway.  Another day, another gorgeous spot!

A dip in the Caribbean Sea will also banish that hangover for good.  Wander along the walkway, just a couple of minutes from your breakfast perch, and organise a snorkel tour with one of the dive operators.  Make sure it includes a stop at Moonhole for a snorkel and this is the best (& only) way to view the private reserve. Tom and Gladdie Johnston formed the Moonhole company in 1964 and constructed Flintstone-like stone houses on the 30-acre site.  Truly fascinating.


Before heading back to dry land, skip across to the other side of the bay to snorkel at “Devil’s Table”.  This tour will help you to understand that Bequia’s underwater landscape is just as impressive as the scenery above the sea.

The afternoon is going to involve burning more calories on the best hike on Bequia, if not the entire Caribbean.  So before you set off on that expedition, go and see the lady with the widest smile in Lower Bay, Petra.  From her modest restaurant at the south end of the beach, Petra serves up tasty home-cooked dishes such as West Indian curry, Rotis, as well as grilled fish & lobster plates.

The hike to Ma Peggy is a must-do activity on any Bequia itinerary.  It’s achievable for most with average mobility & fitness and those who conquer it are rewarded with jaw-dropping views across Bequia, St. Vincent, and other Grenadine islands.  On a clear day, one can see as far as Grenada – located 60 miles south.  As the land up to and including Ma Peggy is private, we urge anyone to get permission before tackling the ascent.  Chris & Louise from The Lookout can assist with authorisation and will happily guide any guests who stay at their apartments up & down the mountain – all part of the service! 

Check out this useful blog that explains the route and will whet your appetite for what lays ahead (click here) Ma Peggy Hike .  As per the guidelines, if you head off around mid afternoon then you’ll be back down sipping on a rum punch in De Reef at Lower Bay in time for a refreshing dip in the sea and another glorious sunset.


De Reef also serves some great food so you could dine here tonight, or maybe wander along to Provision.  In the evenings, the dinner menu is sophistaicated and sumptuous, plus on a Saturday you are likely to be entertained with live music by the "String Boys" and the chef, Big Country Joe, may also get on the mic too! 

Day 7 Sunday

Sundays are for relaxation and “liming” (definition:  The art of doing nothing while sharing food, drink, conversation and laughter).  So what better place to do this than, you’ve guessed it, The Liming Hotel.  This luxurious development is located in “south side”, around 1km further on from Bequia’s tiny airport, and just before the entrance to the Moonhole peninsula. 

You may not be able to afford to stay in the cottages, complete with their own private infinity pools, but a day pass is great value for money.  For just $65 USD per person ($50 USD in the summer), you get to enjoy the bar, restaurant, beach, infinity pool, and even a tennis court.  The rate includes a 2-course lunch plus 2 cocktails.  The bonus on a Sunday is you have the chance to be entertained by Amanda “Cloud” Gooding.  If you’re lucky she will be set up in a corner of the restaurant with an acoustic guitar and her sublime voice.

To get to The Liming, it’s best to call your designated taxi driver to show you around the southern part of Bequia and then drop you off at The Liming around noon.  We suggest that you hang around until sunset and chill out around the pool or on the beach.  Relax, it’s Sunday.


You may not be ready for a big dinner after your indulgent lunch.  Therefore, Cheri’s Rooftop terrace will be a good spot to while away the evening.  She presents wonderful small plate West Indian tapas and fine cocktails.  Take your time and graze & sip the evening away in her pretty deck restaurant located behind Port Elizabeth.

That’s only the end of week one and you’ve already had the trip of a lifetime.  Let’s cement the experience with a second week full of yet more incredible experiences.  St. Vincent & the Grenadines has so much to offer lucky tourists like you – immerse yourself and enjoy every moment.


Day 8 Monday

With over 30 dive sites within a 5-10 minute speed boat ride out into Admiralty Bay, Bequia draws scuba divers from all around the world.  If you’re qualified then great, go and get stuck in.  If not, maybe you’d like to take the opportunity to become qualified or at least have a taster session.  The two dive shops along the Belmont Walkway will have you enjoying underwater life in no time.

Diving is notorious for making the participants very hungry, so dry off and head next door to either Mac’s Pizza & Kitchen or Sugar & Spice for a spot of lunch.

You will need that lining on the stomach, as this afternoon we’re suggesting you join a rum shop tour.  Get in touch with Nate to find out timings & location.  This is a great way to meet new friends and get off the beaten track.  There are dozens of small rum shops dotted all around Bequia, so immerse yourself in this key part of island life.

The tour may well finish up in the Hamilton area, so stay in this location for dinner.  Why not book a table at Coco's who produces some of the nicest dishes on island.  Tasty and perfectly cooked fish, West Indian curry, and fish chowder to name just a selection of what's on offer.

Day 9 Tuesday

Bequia has wonderful names for some of its areas – like Friendship, Hope, and Mount Pleasant.  Today, we’re going to head out to Spring.  As soon as you start to descend into the Spring valley, you notice how different everything feels – it’s almost like going to another island.  Spring is up-market with many impressive villas dotted along the “Hollywood Hills of Bequia”.  The Spring community has residents that are mostly foreign homeowners and they collectively take responsibility for ensuring the roads are well-maintained amongst other things.


As ever, we’re going to make you earn your food & drink for the day, so we suggest a walk around Bequia Head.  Check out another blog on this website soon that suggests a route to bullet point with majestic views over to St. Vincent and a little-known side track to a place we call “window rock”.  You can choose to visit the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary at the start or end of the walk, but perhaps the word “sanctuary” is not quite right.  If you do stop here, you can take a look around, ask questions, and make a judgement for yourself.

Pre-book a tour & tasting session with Jerry & the team at Grenadine Sea Salt, next to the Firefly Hotel & restaurant.  The sea salt produced here is a pristine & luxurious gourmet finishing salt.  Take a tour of the beautifully renovated Old Mill.  This is part of the Spring Plantation dating back to the early 18th century, where sugar, then indigo, arrowroot, cassava and copra were produced. It is most likely the oldest structure on the island.  Now that you know the manufacturing process, sample the small plate tasting menu showcasing how this unique salt can elevate dishes to become truly spectacular.

There are two options now and you only have to go next door to Firefly to check them out.  If you fancy a chill out, then laze by the pool and sip on a few cocktails before dinner later.  As long as you’re spending money, the owners will be happy for you to use the facilities.  For the more adventurous, why not tackle the 9 hole, cross-country golf course or perhaps have a game of croquet – how splendid!  You can also take an estate tour with Ezra and learn how to crack a coconut or press your own sugar cane.


Stay for dinner at the Firefly which has a very nice restaurant.  Everything from Rotis, to freshly grilled fish, to curries.  And the chocolate wontons with ice cream is the only way to finish off your culinary experience!


Day 10 Wednesday

Today is the day that you may spot a rock star or even rub shoulders with royalty!  The private island of Mustique is located 5 miles across the water from Bequia.  Despite the fact that it is a playground for the rich & famous, it is still part of St. Vincent & the Grenadines and isn’t as pretentious as you may imagine.  It’s not too dissimilar to Bequia, but the roads are impeccably maintained, the grass is groomed, and the transportation is mostly by golf cart.

The boat trip here involves a much shorter sail than going down to the Tobago Cays.  A day trip is nice & relaxed and you will have plenty of time to soak up everything that Mustique has to offer. 

We’d recommend that you take an island tour by taxi as soon as you arrive.  The island is just over 2 square miles, so an hour covers everything.  You will get to see where Mick Jagger lives and which villa Prince William chooses to rent when he comes on holiday.

There are choices for lunch such as the up-scale Cotton House Hotel, but most folks choose to stay local at Basil’s Bar.  The prices here are quite reasonable and you can virtually jump off the deck into Britannia Bay to go snorkelling with neon coloured fish, rays, and turtles.  There’s also a fish market and a pretty row of boutiques and food shops just behind the beach to visit.


Once back on Bequia, end the day with sundowners at the Plantation House Hotel.  The 5-7pm happy hour drinks and hot snacks are incredibly good value for money and just look at your location for yet another dreamy sunset.  Cameras at the ready!


Day 11 Thursday

This day will start with water and end with fire.

Rent a paddle board or a kayak from the Plantation Hotel or Sail Grenadines (they have an office near Coco’s).  If the water is calm enough, you’ll be able to cover a large area of Admiralty Bay and scoot up & down the beaches.  It’s likely that you’ll see a turtle or a sting ray, so take a mask & snorkel so you can spontaneously jump in.

Your dream trip to paradise is starting to come to an end, so you can’t leave without purchasing some souvenirs. 

Bequia Threadworks, located on back street Port Elizabeth, is a lovely little boutique that sells handmade shirts, dresses, skirts, hats, and scarfs.  This is a non-profit sewing enterprise that empowers and trains the women of Bequia as artisan seamstresses.


Another shop worth a browse is Solana’s on front street.  She sells a whole range of products from clothing to postcards and everything in between.  You will also find a string of local handcrafts sold on the stalls opposite Solana’s – time to haggle for a bargain.

Finally, a shopping jaunt is not complete without visiting the model boat builders of Bequia.  The two that spring to mind are Sargeant brothers and Marvin’s.  These beautifully crafted model boats are expensive, but you will witness first-hand the skill and man hours required to make them.  When Queen Elizabeth II visited the island in October 1985, she parked the royal yacht Britannia out in Admiralty Bay.  She was presented with a model replica when she set foot on the red carpet in Port Elizabeth – how wonderful.

Take it easy this afternoon as you may have another long day planned for tomorrow (if you follow our itinerary that is).

If you’ve timed your visit right, Keegan’s will host a full moon hog roast, compete with beach bonfire.  Watch as the moon rises above the beach and dance the night away barefoot on the soft sand.

Day 12 Friday

A visit to St. Vincent & the Grenadines wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the mainland.  Ferries run regularly from Bequia to St.Vincent and the 9 mile trip takes just short of an hour.  In order to maximise your time, we recommend a 6.30am ferry and you may not be back on Bequia until 7pm, but it will be worth it.

The entire country is many years behind its Caribbean neighbours in terms of tourism marketing and visitor numbers.  The Grenadine islands, for obvious reasons, are at least on some people’s radars.  However, the mainland with its less appealing (but beautiful) black sandy beaches is virtually tourist free.  The enormous upside to this fact is that those who do visit find an undeveloped utopia that has to be seen to be believed. 


Organise a minivan driver to meet you off the morning ferry and let him guide you for the day.  We’d particularly recommend a tour that involves the Leeward coast, including forages inland to hike the Vermont Trail and to be invigorated at the Dark View Falls.  Take regular stop offs at the bays along the coast.  The winding road is comparable to the Amalfi coast in Italy, with jaw-dropping scenery all the way.  Also keep your ear to the ground for any potential boat trips by the trimaran "Gusto" which takes in this coast and the dark view falls. 

You soon realise that a visit to St. Vincent could easily involve another week or two alone in order to savour everything that this wonderful island offers.

On your return to Bequia, perhaps check in with Cheryl at the Fig Tree restaurant.  She usually does a Friday fish fry and live music.  Coco’s & Penthouse await for those with plenty of stamina.


Day 13 Saturday

With the sun rising from the east, Friendship Beach offers a lovely morning walk.  Swimming is possible here but keep an eye on conditions – this is the Atlantic Ocean here and not the Caribbean Sea.

It’s time to squeeze in one last boat trip and we’re going to stay local.  Head out to the uninhabited islands of Isle a Quatre & Petit Nevis, just off the coast of Bequia.  Both offer good snorkelling & nice hiking too.  If your trip can incorporate freshly caught fish on a beach BBQ, then you’re in heaven.  If you like what you experience at Petit Nevis and Isle a Quatre, both islands are for sale at US$25M and US$54M respectively.


For a local dining experience with a breath-taking view, check out Tantiepearl above Port Elizabeth.  Phone ahead and Garfield may even send a taxi to pick you up from town.

Day 14 Sunday

It’s the final day, but you’ve had a blast.  A great place to reminisce and collect your thoughts is Hope Beach.  A hike to this “Robinson Crusoe” bay can be accessed from Mount Pleasant.  Again, Chris & Louise from The Lookout can guide you or provide directions.  If you’re an experienced surfer/body boarder then this is your place.  If not, we wouldn’t recommend that you get anymore than waist deep in the water.  The rip tides are unpredictable and dangerous.


In the afternoon, trench in at De Reef at Lower Bay.  The food is inexpensive and tasty, the drinks measures are generous and ice cold, and the beachside location is unbeatable.  To cap it all, Sunday is the most likely day when musicians gather for jam sessions.  The piano & saxophone duo, Jan & Louis, often play on Sunday afternoons. 

If you ask nicely, hopefully Mother Nature has laid on one more green flash sunset to end your trip of a lifetime.


And that was just a taster!

You’re probably exhausted just reading this itinerary, let alone living it! 

Naturally, just go with the flow and pick & choose what you do based on how you feel.  Spending a lazy day on a beach hammock with a book and a rum punch is perfectly acceptable too.

We know that you won’t have covered everything Bequia and the surrounding Grenadine islands have to offer, so you’ll just have to return (again & again!)

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So, what are you waiting for?  Carpe Diem!


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