Bequia & the Grenadine Islands

Bequia Overview

"Bequia is my favourite island in the Caribbean – and that’s saying something as, over the years, I’ve visited 32 of them. It’s a small island, about five miles long, and with only 5,000 inhabitants, but it feels bigger thanks to its winding roads, hidden tracks, wooded hills, marvellous beaches, and a spectacular harbour filled with yachts."

Hunter Davies, Mail on Sunday, UK



Bequia (pronounced Bek-wy) is the undiscovered paradise island of your dreams, the Caribbean of 30 years ago.

You may think that it sounds too perfect to be real. But it does exist, and it certainly does exceed the hype.

Although Bequia is the second largest of the 32 Grenadine islands, it is only 7 square miles in size. To give you an idea, London’s Heathrow Airport is slightly bigger!

The winding, main road is around 7 miles long and the island is as little as half a mile wide at it leanest point between the Caribbean Sea of Lower Bay & Atlantic Ocean at Friendship Bay! On a beautiful headland on this thin part of the island lies The Lookout Villa – the perfect, central location from which to explore this idyllic paradise.

Keen hikers can navigate the entire island during their trip, opting for leg power over vehicle rental. Those who do opt to tackle the well-maintained (but sometimes hilly) roads with a rental vehicle are never more than a few minutes drive from their chosen destination.

At The Lookout Villa, visitors can experience peace & tranquillity in a comfortable, energising environment yet will never feel isolated. Bequia is the perfect place for those seeking solitude and that “getting away from it all” feeling, whilst still being within striking distance of the action when required.


" For somewhere to stay I heartily recommend The Lookout. Both the Ocean Deck and Hummingbird Apartments are perfectly placed between two of the island’s best beaches (Princess Margaret and Lower Bay). It all works so well due to the respectful distance but ever-helpful presence of owners Chris and Louise. Not just are the apartments surrounded by the exotic delights of fruit trees including bananas, oranges, limes, star fruit, papaya and sugar apple but the view from the deck is forever blessed by rainbows, sunsets or stars "





For a small island it packs a real punch! That’s why many call it the “big” little island.

The island is renowned for idyllic & largely deserted white-sand beaches, many of which disappear into coves that are excellent for scuba diving, snorkelling & kayaking. The centre of the island is hilly with lush, green forests, providing a dramatic backdrop to the bays and beaches. Admiralty Bay, the island's natural harbour, is a favourite anchoring spot for yachtsmen (& a sprinkling of celebrities!) from all over the world. Here visitors can enjoy the quaint waterfront, lined with bars, restaurants, craft shops & art galleries. Isolated enough to remain relatively unspoiled, yet lively enough to be stimulating and entertaining,

Bequia provides a blend of the old and new that many find perfect. Be warned, many visitors are bitten by the Bequia bug and return time & time again!

For weekly updates about island events, bars, restaurants and much more, then look no further than "Bequia This Week", published every Friday 

For your viewing pleasure!

Check out the video above which provides an insight into the beautiful country of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.  It features Bequia island, which makes the ideal base from which to explore this string of 32 paradise islands & cays.  It's 43 minutes long, but well worth investing your time.  So pour a rum punch, click play, and enjoy!

The Appeal of Bequia

The Appeal of Bequia

  • No big scale resorts, shopping malls, or tourist packed beaches with annoying hawkers
  • Friendly & welcoming people who have time to wave, smile, greet & chat
  • The chance to hike a volcano, dive on pristine reefs & kayak between coves
  • Eat an abundance of fruit straight from the tree & fresh seafood and lobster from the bay
  • Listen to a variety of live music and enjoy a barefoot dancefloor made of soft sand
  • A break from commercialism, to get away from it all, & lose yourself in a book or the stars
  • A simple, unhurried lifestyle
  • Swaying palms, idyllic beaches & lush green hillsides
  • Unique experiences to create life-long memories
  • The real Caribbean
Fast Facts

Fast Facts

  • Bequia’s population is around 5,000
  • It is part of the country St. Vincent & the Grenadines, located in the Lesser Antilles
  • Rough distance in miles to St. Vincent (10), St. Lucia (50) Barbados (100)
  • 1898 – the date when the last hurricane hit St. Vincent & the Grenadines with full force
  • Visitors can travel the island using leg power, dollar vans or in open sided pick-up truck taxis
  • Bequia is famous for live music year-round and has its own music festival every January


The Lookout Villa is just a 3 minute stroll to Bequia’s two best beaches, namely Princess Margaret & Lower Bay. There are a further two beaches (Friendship & Belmont) that are a 15-minute walk away.  So that’s four stunning stretches of sand on your doorstep!

Due to the villa’s location on the leanest part of the island, if it gets too hot on the Caribbean side of the island or you prefer a sunrise to a sunset, then simply pop over the hill above Lower Bay and take in the natural air-conditioning from the Atlantic side of the island at Friendship Bay.

The big appeal of all Bequia’s beaches is that there are undeveloped, so you won’t find houses, annoying hawkers or sprawling 5-star hotels encroaching onto the shoreline. Just virgin forest fringing the powdery white sands and a few low-key beach bar/restaurants serving fresh fish & cold beverages.

The Belmont Walkway & Princess Margaret Trail have been restored by a local group called “Action Bequia”, allowing access on foot all the way from Port Elizabeth to Lower Bay.

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret

A beach with royal approval! Named this way after the sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, swam off the beach in the late 1950’s. This is a gorgeous stretch of sand that is often named in polls for the Caribbean’s best beaches. Pristine and unspoilt and, although arguably Bequia’s most popular beach, there are days when you will be just one of a few people sharing the sweeping sands. This beach has a slowly sloping, sandy bottom and crystal clear waters so it’s the perfect & safe swim spot for old & young alike. The views are spectacular looking into Admiralty Bay & excellent snorkelling can be found around both headlands at either end of the beach. Jack’s Bar is located at the northern end of the beach and is surely one of the world’s best beach bars & a sublime venue for a lunchtime drink and food.

Lower Bay

Lower Bay

Another stunning beach and just a short walk away over the headland from Princess Margaret. So, if half a dozen people on Princess Margaret beach is deemed too many & cramps your style, simply pack up your stuff & take the 5-minute trail to Lower Bay! There are several small bars and restaurants dotted along this beach, including De Reef, Mangoz & Keegan’s Beachside. This is the afternoon limin’ and chillin’ beach and you can occasionally find impromptu ‘Jump Ups’ and music playing at the local bars. Just like Princess Margaret, the views are spectacular looking into Admiralty Bay & excellent snorkelling can be found around both headlands at either end of the beach.

Friendship Bay

Friendship Bay

A lovely white sand beach on the Atlantic side of the island and the home of the only “major” hotel on the island: The Bequia Beach Hotel. The beach is just a 15 minute walk from The Lookout on the windward side of the island so the water is a little rougher than the protected Admiralty Bay beaches. As the sun rises from the east, this is an ideal spot to relax under the swaying palms in the morning time.

Belmont Beach

Belmont Beach

A thin strip of white sand accessed by the newly completed boardwalk next to Jack’s Bar on Princess Margaret beach. The lovely Plantation House Hotel is located here and is one of our favourite spots for a “happy hour” sundowner. Sip on a rum punch and watch the sun set over Admiralty Bay – a great way to end your day & start your evening! The Belmont Walkway begins here & is lined with bars, restaurants, cafes, art galleries & two dive shops. You will also see the local children participating in swimming & sailing clubs in the safe, shallow waters here.

Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach

A lovely “Robinson Crusoe” style beach. An outer reef protects the bay and the snorkelling can be good. This beach is usually deserted, so why not walk to this beach (allow 1 hr) and laze under the sky-scraper like palm trees.  Then take a tour and tasting session at Grenadine Sea Salt, which is just a short walk away.  You can have lunch, enjoy the pool, take a planatation tour, and even play "pitch & putt" style golf at Firefly next door. After all that, you may wish to take a taxi back (10 minute drive).

Park Bay Beach

Park Bay Beach

Another nice, deserted beach on the windward side of the island and you can usually have this beach all to yourselves. This is the home of the "Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary", so why not pop in, pay a donation, & hang out with baby turtles. “Brother King” is a facsinating person to talk to, with some good stories to tell.  You can make your own mind up as to whether the word "sanctuary" is appropriate or not.  If you're feeling eneergetic, you can keep going beyond Park Bay beach, through the "quarry", and explore the 600+ acres of pristine and undeveloped forest.  There are trails that lead to various spots including "Window Rock" and "Bullet Point".  The latter has views across to St. Vincent. 

Hope Beach

Hope Beach

If you enjoy walking, the walk to the beach is lovely. Expect to find yourselves the only ones there as this beach is usually deserted. The wind and waves can be rough so be careful swimming and always go with someone else. An ideal spot for kite-surfing & body boarding.

Ravine Bay

Ravine Bay

Rugged, beautiful and seldom visited. This bay is on the windward side and has its own blowhole. Waves can be large so be careful when swimming and always go with someone else. From here you can scale the volcanic rock hillside and head over the top into Friendship Bay. 

Adams Bay

Adams Bay

Yet another lovely white sandy beach! This is located just beyond Bequia’s tiny airport on the way towards “Moonhole”. There is a small, up-scale hotel development here called The Liming.  A great spot to take a day pass and sip cocktails around the infinity pool overlooking the beach.


There is an abundance of wildlife on Bequia, but nothing nasty or dangerous so rest easy!

The island has numerous birds including hummingbirds, booby birds, frigates and osprey. If you are lucky, you may see an iguana, land turtle or manicou scurrying through the bushes.

Beneath the clear, warm waters of Bequia lie pristine coral reefs and (with over 30 dive sites including ship wrecks just off-shore) it’s simply heaven for divers & snorkelers. There are 225 varieties of fish as well as Hawksbill & Green Turtles, Lobsters, Eagle Rays, Moray Eels, Sea Horses & Frog Fish.

Things to do on Bequia & across the Grenadine Islands

Bequia is the perfect place to relax, unwind and just do nothing. But Bequia can also meet the requirements of those who thirst for adventure too. Book your accommodation at The Lookout and feel free to lean on us for help & advice on what to do while you’re here.

Here’s just a taster of what’s on offer:

  • Boat trips to the idyllic paradise of the Tobago Cays.
  • Speed over to the private island and celebrity hotspot of Mustique.
  • Have a fish BBQ on a deserted beach on the Isle de Quatre.
  • Burn off some calories & take in spectacular views with hikes on Bequia & St. Vincent
  • Take an open-sided taxi trip around Bequia.
  • Perfect your swing on Canouan. Golf with panoramic views of the Caribbean sea from every hole!
  • Snorkel & scuba dive on pristine reefs with hundreds of colourful fish.
  • Kayak between beaches & coves.
  • Go fishing for your dinner & cook it up on the beach!

Island Activities on Bequia

Hiking – This is a great way to explore the island and some hikes, such as Ma Peggy, provide a rewarding & spectacular view. Ask us & we’d gladly guide you up & down from The Lookout as well as offer advice some of our other favourite walks.

Bequia Music Festival - This is an annual event, which has gained in publicity & popularity, and takes place usually on the last weekend of January. Caribbean and international musicians join the stage for 4 days, attracting thousands of music-loving visitors to Bequia.

Bequia Easter Regatta - Regatta is a highlight for both locals and visitors to Bequia. This yearly event has welcomed visiting yachtsmen, sailors and holidaymakers for many decades. Visit during this time and you are sure to see not only an abundance of yacht races, but also lots of waterfront activities in addition to local traditions such as the building and racing of local fishing boats. At night, the island parties are fantastic!

Carnival - Usually beginning in late June and lasting until mid July, St. Vincent's carnival features 12 days filled with fun and excitement. Calypso, soca and steel band music fill the streets with masqueraders in vibrant costumes dancing everywhere. Bequia also celebrates its own carnival at the end of June, but at a much smaller scale than St. Vincent and other neighbouring islands.

Windsurfing (incl. Kite and SUP Boarding), Sailing, and Kayaking - Bequia offers several protected beaches that are perfect for beginners to learn the basics, while there are also challenging locations for those with more experience.

Snorkelling and SCUBA Diving - With over 30 dive sites around the island, the diving on Bequia and the neighbouring islands is some of the best in the Caribbean. Two fully certified PADI SCUBA shops operate on the island and can arrange dives for any skill level, from beginner to certified diver.

Sport Fishing - Fishing enthusiasts can find many reasons to fall in love with Bequia. The surrounding waters offer trophy-sized sport fish such as Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, Marlin, Tuna, Bonito and Kingfish.

Yacht Charters - Charters can be arranged for any number of guests to fit your desired location and schedule. 

Arts and Crafts - Visitors to the island will find a variety of local works in the boutiques of Port Elizabeth as well as at private artists' studios around the island. Locals create stunning articles, combining beauty and function, including model boats, scrimshaw, woodcarving, stained glass, ceramics and crochet.

Firefly Plantation – This romantic 200-year-old plantation overlooking Spring Bay once served as a sugar factory and now operates as a boutique hotel. Upon request, plantation tours can be arranged.  Grenadine Sea Salt is also located here in the restored ruins of the old mill.  Well worth a visit and tasting session.

Moon Hole - Here you will find a fascinating marriage of style and environmentalism. Moon Hole’s unique architectural style is based on the concept of living in harmony with nature and taking full advantage of the Caribbean environment. The designer, Tom Johnston, envisioned houses that have minimum impact on their surrounding environment, but still offer breath-taking views and ocean breezes. The result is homes that look artfully Flintstone-esque!

Mustique - Just an hour's sail from Bequia (or 20 minutes by power boat) will take you to the home of celebrities and royalty. Prince William & Kate went on honeymoon here and many celebrities have homes on this private island such as Mick Jagger, Shania Twain & Bryan Adams.

Tobago Cays - These islands are a world-renowned small collection of coral islands that have some of the most spectacular waters in the world. The protected natural reserve is home to some of the most amazing coral beds and aquatic life in the Caribbean. The Tobago Cays also provided the setting for some of the most memorable "Pirates of the Caribbean" scenes!

Activities on St. Vincent

Located just 9 miles north of Bequia, with regular ferries throughout the day, St. Vincent is one of the most naturally spectacular and untouched of the larger Caribbean islands. Below are examples of full and half day trips to some of the natural wonders of this island.

Kingstown - This historic city, known also as the “City of Arches”, is the capital, chief port and main commercial centre of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is a bustling city made up of spectacular arches and stone buildings, with beautiful churches and other historic buildings that are worth visiting when on the island. Here you can get a true feel of the Vincentian lifestyle when visiting the vegetable market and other beautiful sites around the city.

La Soufrière Volcano - St. Vincent's La Soufrière rises majestically to over 4000 feet above sea level. This active volcano last erupted in April 2021, but has now gone back to sleep (hopefully for another 40 or 50 years!) Tours to La Soufrière take you along the picturesque eastern coast of St. Vincent, through banana and coconut plantations and up the foot trail that takes you to the very top. The views from the rim of the crater are truly spectacular!

Mesopotamia Valley - This rich and fertile valley, bursting with lush vegetation, is intriguing to the eye and gives visitors a unique view of Vincentian culture. The valley is surrounded by mountain ridges and is filled with thickly planted local crops with rivers and steams flowing throughout. There are several indigenous stone carvings, or better-known Petroglyphs, located close to the Yambou River, which flows within this fertile valley.

Vermont Nature Trails - Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts will especially enjoy the numerous trails that lead through the rain forest in St. Vincent. Visitors have the chance to see rare and unique species, such as the St. Vincent Parrot (Amazona Guildingii) and the Whistling Warbler.

The Botanical Gardens - The gardens were first established in 1765, making them the oldest in the Western Hemisphere. They feature a descendent of the original breadfruit tree brought to the island by Captain Bligh in 1793 and are home to an impressive collection of flowering plants, palms, cycads and tropical trees.

Montreal Gardens - These gardens are located above the Mesopotamia Valley and are filled with exotic flowers growing in the rich volcanic soil. By paying a small entrance fee, visitors can wander through lush foliage in a cool, misty and quiet rainforest atmosphere.

Young Island Resort - This unique resort is located on its own 13 acre private island, just off the southern shores of St. Vincent. It is perfect to escape the hustle and bustle of St. Vincent, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy many activities such as a drink on the floating bar just off Young Island’s pristine beach, tennis or even spa treatment.

Fort Charlotte - This historic fort, completed in 1806, is perched on a ridge 600 feet above the sea, providing a magnificent view across Kingstown and down the Grenadine Islands. Fort Charlotte was used as a set for the blockbuster film “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Falls of Baleine - These spectacular waterfalls are located at the northern tip of St. Vincent and are accessible by both land and sea. Cool waters come cascading from the mountaintops and settle in a refreshing pool where visitors can swim.

Dark View Falls - The major attraction at Dark Views Falls is that there are two waterfalls above one another. They are accessible by vehicle, with a short foot trail featuring a bamboo bridge that leads to both the lower and then the upper falls. Visitors can enjoy swimming or lounging in the natural pools that capture refreshing water underneath both falls.

Trinity Falls - The Trinity Falls were given their name due to the fact that they are made up of three waterfalls that are aligned alongside one another, with a powerful force that tumbles into a wide river basin below. The trip to the falls requires a hike through St. Vincent’s rainforest, but the reward is grand when taking in the scenery that awaits you at your arrival. It is possible to swim in the wonderful pool below the falls, but one must be aware that the force of the river can be quite strong, especially in the rainy season.

Hot Springs - These natural hot springs are still very untouched and unknown to many, even Vincentians, as they lie secluded in their pure element within the hillsides of St. Vincent and away from any man-made infrastructure. Here you can lie in natural pools, surrounded with lush vegetation, and enjoy the healing warm waters that spring from St. Vincent’s core.

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